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Testimonials | Columbus Tattoo Artists - Envy Skin Gallery

This place was amazing. I met with Matthew and when I told them I was the one getting the Tigger tattoo I was told they had multiple artists that wanted to take it on. I felt so great to hear that the artist vibed with my idea and then the 2.5 hours flew by as Matt worked on the tattoo. He kept me focused on something other than the pain and always checked in about how I was holding up which was so kind. Plus, he gave me candy to help with pain tolerance in the break between doing line work and filling in the color. 10000% would recommend
-Simon Freitas
I LOVE THIS PLACE! They were super nice and were able to squeeze me and my sister in on short notice. Billy was super helpful and explained everything. Matthew is a heck of an artist with a good eye and steady hand. I can't thank and praise this shop enough. We will be back!
-chris stricker
Let me just start off by saying, everyone at this shop are great people! I don't want to say that I was nervous before coming, (I've got other tattoos)but I was and as soon as I walk through the door all of that went away! They're such good inviting people! Very knowledgeable! On top of safety, sanitation.. the whole environment was amazing! I can't say enough how cool the crew is! I can't wait to come back!
-Kurstin Snelling
I absolutely loved everything about working with Envy! They were beyond friendly and easy to talk to, and they were able to squeeze my friend and I in at the last minute, which is hard to do on a Saturday. Jamie, the artist did a beautiful job on the delicate floral piece that I had picked out and was great at answering all of my questions! Highly highly recommend!
-Morgan Eick
Finished my cover up yesterday. Billy did an amazing job! I love the knew tattoo. It was a long time coming. As always had a great experience. They have a nice clean shop. Highly recommend.
-Connie Von
Chuck did an amazing job tattooing Taylor Swift lyrics on my dad and I! He took the time to help me make a placement decision and added more wording. I couldn’t be happier! 10/10 recommend Chuck at Envy Skin Gallery. Everyone was so nice!
-Ashley Fradette
Outstanding! Matchu was very professional and did amazing work. I was able to personally message him for a week prior to my appointment (every day) about the design and to be sure I was choosing the best place for the job. Very happy with the outcome to say the least. If you go anywhere else, you are missing out.
-Sean Rollins
My sister and I got matching tattoos to commemorate the passing of our Mother. DJ and Chuck worked together to ensure that not only was it the same tattoo, but that the style was the same as well. While there are small differences, those were by our choice, and DJ and Chuck did awesome through it all. They allowed us to check in on each other and even though we were in separate rooms we were all talking and experiencing it together. The studio was clean, everyone in there checked in on us. Made sure we were comfortable and had what we needed. For a sizeable shoulder cap, the time was really short.Nice clean lines, perfect shading.I could not have asked for any better experience than what we had today.Thank you DJ, Chuck, Billy and team for all you did today!!!
-Misty Kent
HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Love my tattoos done by DJ. Very clean studio and very friendly staff. DJ did great work! He tattooed my sisters handwriting on my ankle and made it almost painless. 20/10 recommend!
-Cori Kibler
Everyone was so nice and very comforting, they just made you feel comfortable. The studio is very clean and very pretty. Jamie was the one that did my tattoo. He’s very professional and I would definitely return.
-Christine Ennist
Great experience for my first tattoo. The shop was clean, the staff was nice and informative, my specific artist was funny and made me feel welcome and safe the entire time. I got inked about 2 and a half weeks ago with black and color and it looks amazing and healed quickly! Definitely coming back in the future
-Dom Francescon
I was a walk-in…Sean was welcoming from the time I walked in to when I left. Jamie was great, drew up a quick sketch and wonderful conversation as he setup. I’m looking forward to a planned visit for my next great tattoo.
-Nika Nelson
Matchu was amazing! He took the time to make sure the design was exactly what I wanted. He gave his professional opinions and advice but made it clear even if I didn’t agree he still would do whatever I requested! My husband loved the work he did and is planning his next tattoo and setting up his appointment with him too! The environment is very clean, the atmosphere is inviting and all around an amazing place! 10/10 for sure work recommend and will be going back! Services: Color ink tattoos, Fine line tattoos, Female tattoos
-Stacey Owen
Love this place and highly recommend hitting up Envy Skin Gallery for your next tattoo. The staff is amazing from top to bottom and Chuck is one of the best in business. Cant wait to see how this bad boy turns out after my second session!
  On June 20th, 2023, I received a call around 11:00 AM saying my dog would be put down the next day if she did not make any progress. I called to get her paw print tattooed on me the same day. I got a text back immediately saying they would get me in at 6:00 PM. I had NEVER gotten a tattoo before so I was very anxious but excited!! Jamie was my artist and let me tell you: he was amazing. He took the time to explain what everything was and show me their entire set up. When I say explained everything, I mean EVERYTHING. I had a billion questions and never once did he get annoyed or angered. He was truly so patient and even excited for me!!! Seeing as this was again my first tattoo I had zero idea how to take care of it, so he gave me his number in case I would have any questions whatsoever. This place is wonderful. They even cared to ask how my baby girl was doing that day, and the next. I haven’t ever heard of that level of care from my friends who’ve gotten work done before. Thank you Jamie and everyone at Envy for caring, and for putting my baby girl on me forever.
Went in for small tattoo with my daughter and they were able to get us in as walk in. super nice, professional and the place was super clean and just great! DJ was awesome as well!! def going back!!!
-Dadius Cleveland
This had to be the nicest studio I have ever been to. The price was a lot less than what I expected. My artist was Chuck. He was amazing! Chuck listened to my concerns and helped me determine where to place the tattoo. I was comfortable and it was the best experience I ever had. Thanks again to everyone at this studio. It was a good experience from the very beginning starting with the receptionist.
-Angela Bosco
Billy hooked it up today! It's safe to say I will be back very soon.
Billy Hill did an amazing job on my tattoo. The shop is spotless and the workers are professionals. My tattoo came out exactly as I hoped it would and is healing up perfectly. They deserve their stellar reputation!
-Andrew Durbin
I have gotten all 7 of my tattoos at Envy. And I keep coming back because of the amazing work these people do! I am always impressed with how well these people help bring art to life. Charming and funny staff, beautiful and relaxing environment and stellar tattoos!
I went to Envy for a consultation , was told there was a cancelation , so I sat right down . Billy and his team were friendly and professional . I was more than pleased with the quality , price , and the friendly , relaxed atmosphere . I hope to get back for more work , and would recommend Envy to anyone wanting a tattoo they will be pleased to wear .
Went in April 18 to get my month old tat touched up and added too..... Thank you so much for adding the wings to my cancer ribbon ,love love love it ! I will be sending my friends your way !
-Dee-Dee Hay
I went in yesterday in hopes to get a sketch drawn and ended up with an appointment the next day with Billy. Thank you to the gal that had to cancel! :) He basically re- did my old tattoo and added on more art! It turned out way better than I imagined! I went in with a basic idea of what I wanted and he created an awesome piece! I'm excited to get more done soon! The tattoo only took a little over 2 hours! He works fast, not rushing, but fast! Time also passed with ease, he joked and chatted with me the entire time. Great price, I highly recommend going to Envy and getting your ink done!
I was not 100% convinced that I wanted a tattoo, after walking into Envy just to check it out, I almost couldn't leave without one. It was my very first tattoo and I was pretty nervous. The gentlemen was incredibly nice and completely showed that I was in good hands. I will not go any where else for a tattoo, PERIOD.
-Jeffrey Layman
Totally on a whim I called to see if Envy took walk ins. After a time and an artist was set for later in the day, I drove over with a piece of Internet flash and a vague idea for my tattoo. The artist met me at the door and we talked for a few minutes. He disappeared down the hallway and before long, returned with a workable drawing. We did the back-and-forth a couple of times and the stencil was cut. The Kid has a steady hand and a nice touch. I am very pleased with the results and as soon as I learn to speak Spanish, will be able to understand what it says!
-Alan Slocum
Without even scheduling an appointment I walked in an hour and a Half before close on a Saturday wanting a tattoo that was going to require longer than that 90 minute till close The artist heard me out on what I wanted and even helped my idea with which I agreed definitely made it better. Even though he know it was going to to be longer than 90 minutes he went to work on my tat anyways and knocked it out of the park. Great guy and great art. Friendly overall environment. Very professional. Great shop great prices. I am now a loyal customer. Thanks!
I have an affinity for Haida tribal art and have "painted" my arms with some of my favorite pieces. While living in Dallas, after moving from Houston, I could find no artist remotely interested in continuing the work that had been started on my arms. Dallas was a short stint for me before I found myself in the Capital City. After reading some fairly worthless reviews of tattoo artists preferred by students at OSU, I ran across a review by a rather peeved tattoo aficionado. He listed out the names of a few reputable tattoo studios and artists. I did a bit of research and found Billy Hill. Let me start by saying that Billy is a character and fun to be around. He is a professional and runs his business that way. I have enjoyed the tattoos and the conversation. About the tattoos though: Billy is among the best I have been around and I would strongly encourage anyone that has an interest in having true art tattooed on them, to make an appointment with Billy.
From San Antonio/China Grove Texas and Im impressed with your work. My best friend's name is also Billy "William" Hill and we love to play poker. Billy lives in St. Hedwig, Texas. He nay be your triplet##!
-Cliff Kettinger
I came to Envy years ago specifically to work with Billy Hill on a Japanese sleeve. I had high expectations given Billy's reputation, but was still blown away by the true art that I received. Since then, Envy has become the go-to shop for both my wife and I for all of our tattoos. Whether it's Billy, or any of the artists he showcases in his shop, I know that no matter who I get a tattoo from at Envy, it will come with the highest quality possible. Not to mention the spa-like atmosphere and incredibly clean shop (you won't find anything cleaner) that make for a very safe and very comfortable tattoo experience. For my money, there isn't anywhere else I'd rather get tattooed.
-Brandon Lamb
When I was tattooed at Envy! I encountered and friendly and professional staff. An Amazing! shop aesthetic, as well as one of the cleanest/sterile tattoo shops I've ever been in. Well.. versed in the top industry standards. I can't wait for my next visit, and add to my collection.
-Brandon Rochelle
I chose Envy for my first tattoo on the recommendation of a friend. I was really impressed with just how nice the shop was. The staff were all very friendly, professional, and funny (a couple of them offered to hold my hand while I got my tattoo done haha). Everything was very clean, and I felt that I was in good hands. I will definitely go back to Envy once I figure out what I want for my next tattoo!
-Erica White
best group of artist, friends, and shop all around the city of Columbus, i honestly recommend the shop to anyone and anybody, very warming, and very friendly...
Envy was recommended to me a few years ago. After my first experience with Billy Hill and Envy...I have had 6 tattoos done here and am currently scheduled for my next 2. I have recommended Envy to others who have also enjoyed the experience and professionalism and of course the talent that Envy artists possess. Thanks Billy and Envy and I look forward to future art from you!
-Matt Green
Like no other tattoo experience. I came upon Envy Skin Gallery and Billy Hill through the best advertisement possible ... word of mouth. After my initial thorough consultation, Billy completed a black and white portrait tattoo of our beloved basset hound, Malcolm, who'd recently passed away. The time and energy in his perfection was obvious in the painstaking attention to detail. When finally finished, I'm not certain who loved it more, he or myself! Billy is the consummate artist! Since our intial session, I've been back many, many times and just this past week finished an entire sleeve on my left arm ... with plans to return shortly and begin on the right and I can't wait to get started!
-James A. Carr
Billy Hill is the man....I came in with a 12 year old tattoo and he made it look like brand new. I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism of his shop. Well done Billy!
Long story short, I came to Columbus (my home town) to visit family and friends and also with the intention of redoing, covering up and fixing the tattoo mess on my arm. My friend who is completely tatted up recommended Envy. So I came in to the shop see if they could help. Right off the bat Biz said I’ll do it. He was realistic about what could be done and what I wanted. He knows his shit and fixed up my tat and added some other things to go with the flow. Biz exceeded my expectations on his work and is a super cool guy. If I had the cash I would sit in that F**king chair all day and let him tattoo me. All in all, very nice shop and great staff. They are very talented artists and know what the hell they are doing. I highly recommend Envy and I WILL be back. Thanks again Biz. Signed, The dude from Alaska
-T from Alaska
I went to Billy with a concept. A modified military marksmanship medal and shingles. Billy delivered a better finished product than my original concept. Very happy with it. More to come!!
Billy gave me my first tattoo in 2005 before he was at Envy. Since then I have, and only will, let him give me tattoos. He does amazing work that is well worth the price. He made me feel comfortable and calm during my tattoos. Beyond Billy, I have always had a great experience with everyone else in the shop. Everyone seems to be friendly and able to joke around while still doing amazing work. They always answer the phones and I have never had to wait for more than a week or so to get into the shop. I have found that no matter how clean shops are, they generally feel dirty when you walk in, but not Envy. I have never seen a cleaner shop, much less a shop that looks like a spa. Overall, I highly recommend Envy, my experiences have been wonderful.
I received a tattoo from Billy Hill when Envy first opened. It was a fantastic experience. Great environment, clean, very spa like. Different from any other tattoo shop I've ever been to. Definitely recommended!!!
It took me 50 years to get my first tattoo and I'm glad I waited. Not only was I unsure what I wanted for my first one, I also had to make sure the artist was a good one! I came up with a rough idea and then meet BillyHill, who helped me finalize the idea and then did an awesome job creating a sweet tatty. Great place, highly recommend Envy Skin Gallery. BTW, I now have three!
The staff at Envy are friendly and are welcoming whether it is your first tattoo or your 500th. Very knowledge about what they do. It is a clean, spa like environment. Billy Hill and his staff bend over backwards to help their clients. I would highly recommend Billy Hill and Envy Skin Gallery for anyone looking to get the best looking, quality tattoo around.
Billy Hill is an amazing talent who puts all of his energy into his art. His years of learning from the best artists in the US and abroad afford him the ability to deliver a fantastic tattooing experience. He keeps the cleanest shop I've ever seen. Envy Skin Gallery is cleaner than my doctor's office. I have fourteen tattoos by Envy. I have been spoiled and I will never go anywhere else.
Billy Hill came to me at the suggestion of a friend who had recently gotten some work done at Envy Skin Gallery. It was his first tattoo and I wished my first tattoo looked that good! Because of this, I recommended Billy to a friend with some original artwork looking for a good artist. Billy cleaned it up in about 15 minutes on paper and made a solid piece look fantastic. My friend got the ink done that very day. My first tattoo with Billy was a Japanese kanji script. I think I may have lucked out since he had recently traveled to Japan and that added some extra 'zen', because I always get the most compliments on his tattoo. I just got a small tattoo done in Vegas and it just wasn't the same. The atmosphere or the talent are really unmatchable with Envy. I will likely never get ink done anywhere else but here...unless Billy relocates to Vegas.
I stumbled into Envy for the first time in January of 2008. Since then I have received tattoos from four of the artists that work there, or formerly worked there. It's a great place where the artists are talented, the environment is soothing and clean, and I usually get a couple of good laughs as well. Billy certainly has the experience and is a very knowledgeable artist, perhaps one of the best I've ever met in my years on this planet. One of the best parts is that they will create a one of a kind tattoo just for you, that no one else will ever have. That is pretty awesome.
Billy Hill and his staff of scrubs-wearing Mr. Clean look-a-likes are polished professionals. Billy himself wields the tools of his trade with laser-guided assassin like precision. The Gallery itself is not your typical tattoo shop/waffle house bathroom sh*t-h*le. With it's clinically clean environment , it is more like a laboratory. An awesomeness laboratory. I really do think Mr.Clean works there. I've been to three worlds fairs and this is the only place to get inked.
I highly recommend Envy Skin Gallery because Billy Hill is one of the best (if not the best) custom tattoo artist around. If you want a hot custom drawn piece, he's your man because he somehow knows how to interpret exactly what you want with a gun and ink. My husband and I constantly have people approach us saying "WOW! Where did you get your work done??" So that should attest to his creativity and quality. Also of note, is that he works really fast (though it is never a rush job). Why is speed beneficial? Because time is money and I should know as I've got a full back piece that is 30 hours in (and very close to being finished!). I will say that with his speed comes a bit of heavy-handedness, but tatties hurt regardless. Also, Billy is a great conversationalist. My sessions were always hilarious, anecdotal, and meaningful with bits of teeth clenching ... so much so that Billy Hill has become a great friend.
I have had several tattoos done by Billy Hill at ENVY SKIN GALLERY and love every single one of them. Its more a hangin out with your friends experience rather than a non-personal awackward experience where then entire time you are afraid of the artist or to talk. The entire staff is awesome and makes you feel like a person and not a payment. Its nice to have a shop that makes you feel like you can just come in a talk about questions I might have about certain ideas I have and actually feel like the staff cares. I have gotten tons of compliments about Billy's work from tattoo enthusiasts and non tattoo fans. I have never had a bad thing said about the work he has done on me. I would and have recommended ENVY and Billy Hill to more people than I can count.
I first met Billy Hill on a snowy December morning last year when I ran into Envy as soon as they opened. At 31, I was there for my first tattoo, and I was a little nervous about getting one. Billy quickly put my fears to rest, trying not to laugh when I asked him if I was going to cry. He promised I wouldn't, only half-hiding a laugh. That was when I knew I had come to the right place. He made suggestions to me about the Celtic design I had picked out and helped me make decisions about color and shading that would make the design more me. Billy kept me entertained throughout the entire experience with stories about his life and questions about mine. In fact, I almost forgot I was getting a tattoo. Honestly, it hurt that little! Now I go to Envy for all my tattooing needs. Not only have I gotten gorgeous tattoos out of the experience, but I have made some really great friends. If you're ready to get your first tattoo or just your next one, Envy is the place to go!
After years of saying I was going to come in to his shop, I finally had the money to get some new ink this year. I had an existing tattoo that I wanted to add to, but I just couldn't seem to sketch out exactly what I wanted. Not only did Billy Hill touch up what I already had, but he managed to sketch out exactly what I wanted and it is absolutely beautiful. I get compliments everywhere I go, even from people that aren't big tattoo fans. The shop is impeccably clean and Billy Hill is always entertaining. My experience was amazing, and I won't be going anywhere else from now on.
-Megan Gordon
Totally in love my tattoo done by the fabulous Billy Hill. I get compliments often. Even though Billy and is crew are fun and great to be around, they are professional. I honestly can't recommend anyone else.
-Angie Spencer
I have one amazing and beautiful tattoo drawn and inked by 1 very talented Mr. Billy Hill. I love my tattoo and couldn't be happier with the finished result! He is quite the professional. He is personable and knowledgeable and definitely the kind of guy you should trust with a permanent work of art. I highly recommend Envy Skin Gallery to anyone that is interested in getting a tattoo that they can show off for the rest of their life. Thank you Billy Hill for giving me exactly what I wanted.
-Kelli Placie
I expected an awesome tattoo knowing Billy Hill's reputation. Not only did I get the tattoo i wanted, it exceeded my expectation. Nobody else will ever put ink on me other than Billy.
-John W Price
Your shit is legit! Coming back for more!
-Kurt Michael Tufts
When I first moved to Columbus five years ago I think I went to just about every Tattoo Parlor in town and none of them were right. Then I found Envy Skin Gallery; When I first walked in I thought "Is this a spa" and knew that I had found my new place to go for my Ink. The atmosphere was amazing, Artists are actually nice (unlike most places), and they really make you feel welcome. Since that day the Artists at Envy have hooked me up with two more tats and have two more on the books to be done! Envy will be the only place I go from now on!
-Andrew Gallagher
Envy Skin Gallery was an awesome place to get my tat done at - clean, professional, great atmosphere. Everyone there is friendly and made me feel very comfortable. Billy Hill did beautiful artwork... I've had lots of compliments. Can't wait to go back and get more work done there :)
-Gina Standifur Craig
Envy Skin Gallery is the finest tattoo studio around. The shop is a step above any other with a staff of the most awesome artists a customer could ask for. Not only do I love the tattoos coming out of Envy, but so do others. I have a Roscoe tatty and several from BillyHill, including two award winners from the Canton Tattoo Classic. I recommend Envy to anyone thinking of a tattoo. So forget the rest and go to the best...Envy customer for life.
-Kevin Wangler
Great place to get your ink. The staff at Envy is courteous and they care about their customers!
-Cary Hampton
I recommend Envy to everyone I know!
-Stephanie Freeh
I am elated to say I have fresh ink from Billy, and even a time-lapse video to prove it. Best tattoo I have!! I came in with an idea of what I wanted and Billy came up with a great design. It's the best shop in town. Very clean and everyone that works there is fun and awesome!! I've healed up nicely. No chewed up skin. Cannot recommend these guys enough!! Really can't wait for my next piece :-)
-Vikki Peterson Scholl