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Today's blog will cover a very important subject - research. It will talk about how my research benefits you, the customer. I spend probably the same amount of time, if not more, researching your tattoo as I do actually tattooing it onto your body. Some of you out there maybe saying to yourself right now what the hell does research have to do with tattooing. EVERYTHING.

 I am a giant nerd (shh don't tell anyone) and I love to learn. So if you say you are interested in getting a piano tattoo I will spend hours reading articles and papers, looking at pictures, listening to piano music while I research and finding out who built the Bechstein Hall in 1901 adjacent to his London showroom, which was expropriated and renamed Wigmore Hall in WWI. A man who was a huge competitor of Steinway and Sons. You think its overwhelming to read this, think how it is for me to live it. All the madness could have been stopped by someone simply saying Billyhill I want a Fazioli Brunei II. Then I don't end up driving myself crazy digging up every know piano fact and make and model in history and you in turn get tattooed much much much sooner.

 If someone comes to me and wants a tattoo of a 4 barrel carburetor and if I had never seen one, then that would be real hard for me to do. So I would then spend time getting familiar with them. I have to guess which one you'd want, since I didn't know to ask you if you wanted a Edelbroc or a Weber. If you had done your own "research" and brought me a little more info I could have much easier time doing my job. My job is to give you the sweetest tatty ever seen by a human being.

 Now I am not putting all the weight on your shoulders. I am not trying to tell you to do all the work for me. I am saying when you describe to me what it is you want, give me more to work with than I want a carburetor on my shoulder. Say I want a Holley 650 CFM model 4150 dual feed on my shoulder. So this way when I do go to do my "research" I can easily find what I am looking for and then successfully draw you the sweetest tatty ever. 

 Here comes the mind bender. Sometimes its best if you have no idea what you want. This however is only good in certain situations. For example you want a sweet ass Japanese sleeve, but have no idea what you want incorporated into it. This I can work with. Creating a sleeve can be an daunting task even for someone with my years of experience. So if you come in and say "Hey, do what ever you want as long as it is Japanese and awesome." This does happen, and it always turns out awesome. 

 Attempting summarize this, it helps both of us out when you come into the tattoo shop knowing exactly what it is you want, even if a few details are fuzzy.