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A ton of people have been asking me where I get my inspiration from for all the tatty's I do. So I am going to try and explain it as best I can but anyone who has read one of these in the past you know it is a jumbled mess inside my head so here goes.

I must say first off that the majority of my influences come from you all. I mean to say that I am so busy starting new projects these days that I rarely get a chance to sit and draw something I want to. That being said I do sneak my stuff into your tattoos all the time. 

Y'all keep me on my toes and everyday you push me harder and harder and I keep accepting the challenge and thusly push the boundaries I thought I had. To which I am eternally grateful. James Carr for instance has me doing animal portraits I would never have dreamed of that a year ago. Chris Marion has me drawing Borneo/Marquisian/Polynesian designs right on his skin and tattooing them. I mean to tell ya folks I am pushing the limits I had previously set to heights I never dreamed of. I thank you for that.

I absolutely believe if it were not for the fact that you all believe in my and my abilities I would not be putting out the work I am because no one would have ever challenged me to do it.

As to the question at hand where do I get my inspiration from: EVERY WHERE. I mean literally every where. A piece of string could be a dragon. A crumpled piece of paper could be a rock or a Samurai. a pattern in the carpet might be an Octopus. It is my firm belief that as an artist, any artist out there, we see the world completely different than the average person. That kinda bums me out because the world I see is fascinating and terrifying all at once. I mean I see things in a different light which makes me take something different away from it that a civilian my not get. I can hear a song and see it in my head or smell something and envision it or feel a feeling and make it a picture instead of an emotion. It is so hard to explain. 

I could however do none if it without you, your ideas and your support so for that I thank you very much. Keep the ideas coming and I will keep the art work flowing.