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Dart - BIO

My name is Hannah, but everyone calls me Dart! I've been tattooing since 2013 and specialize in illustrative, fine line, and neotrad tattoos. I'm originally from Cornwall, PA and spent a lot of time tattooing in Baltimore, MD. I started private art tutoring at age 4, and showed in my first gallery at age 7. At age 14, I took classes in figure drawing at the PA College of Art and Design and went on to major in Fine Arts at Kutztown University. i've always had a deep love for intricate designs and nature and I incorporate them into my art whenever possible. I gather my inspiration and influences from old woodblock prints, oil and gouache painting, and classic sculpture. My personal mission with tattooing is not only producing quality artwork, but raising awareness and covering self harm scars and trafficking tattoos. I strive to make not only my mark, but a difference in people's lives.